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Telephone- Lady Gaga and Beyonce


The crazysexycool new video by Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce.


The Blueprint 1- Janet Jackson and Control


In 1986, Janet Jackson released an album that made millions of little girls sing and dance in the mirror, jump on and fall off chairs, beg their parents for Guess Jeans, and finally become honorary Jacksons to any nasty boys that thought their first name was Baby.  She wasn’t singing about making people in her life happy, and Janet certainly did not want to copy anyone else. Control is the manifesto of a young woman whose foundations are rooted in being self sufficient and self aware. Her intuition seems to be her guide along dealing with guys she likes, guys she doesn’t like, her faith in herself is completely independent from the security of her family and other people’s expectations. Janet is seemingly concerned with one thing- HERSELF. She holds no one else- a lover, family or friends responsible for the acquisition of her goals and happiness, and does not wish to compromise her beliefs in what she deserves. This album was a Magna Carta for pro female anthems sang by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Beyonce, Madonna, Lil Kim, Pink, Keri Hilson, Ciara, Miley Cyrus and countless others. This album was also the first glimpse many young girls would have at what their personal convictions would be in an world that would constantly test them.

The single Control starts the album. Lacking control or later Discipline is the first step to never attaining what you want out of life.  Identifying your path and navigating there with tunnel vision should be something that you derive joy from. Becoming completely accountable for your life and what you do gives you the will to follow through with change and developing habits that lead to your goals. No distraction or other people can move you from this purpose if you are willing to take control of you. No one else is responsible for prompting things to happen in your life, this must be overseen and managed by you alone. You must be trusted to do what’s best for you and you must become comfortable with being liable for the obligations you have to yourself to achieve your aspirations. You are an asset, so act with your own best interest. Your daily habits tell you if you are in control or a slave in need of a master to suffice yourself. You cannot aspire for a beach body by gorging fatty foods, you cannot change the world by never developing your ideas. Life isn’t going to just happen to you, take the steps to make it happen for yourself.

Being a beautiful Queen will always attract attention. People will be drawn to your energy and Janet even before blossoming into Ms. Anytime, Anyplace was innately aware of the power of her sexual energy.  In Nasty, Janet’s jewelry on dealing with horny suitors is priceless. The respect she carries for herself is not something she permits herself to bargain for affection.  The attention she gives herself is far more valuable to her than any attention she receives from men. The body is a temple that Nasty Boys will trash and squalor because they are just as aware as you are that they have no business being there. Nasty boys can not curb their desires for beautiful women and if you submit yourself to these sexual invitations you have turned your temple into low rent housing ran by a slumlord. It’s okay to flirt but never bring home a stray dog. Chances are you are just one of the many that responds to his barks. And you don’t want to have to take a trip to the doctor because of his bite either.

Sharing a relationship is beautiful. Being the only one working on enriching that relationship is not. What Have You Done For Me Lately does not lead your lover to wonder why the Queen has been such a bitch lately. Janet expresses her discontent without being passive aggressive and is assertive in her desire for change. She is not enabling her lovers poor habits by silently keeping her issues to herself. A Queen should always be treated as a Queen and if one is not willing to do that, the Queen should be willing to explore options that best suit her needs. You are not the captain of the SS Titanic, and you are not required to go down with the relationship.

Staying true to what you want in your life even if it seems to lead you away from a “good” thing is what The Pleasure Principle is all about. Walking away from Mr. Right is the right thing to do if the situation does not feel good to you. Often your pretty face will invite people to want you around as an ego boost and a trophy. You are just another accessory to an outfit like the perfect pair of earrings. The feeling of belonging you can get out of relationship should not make you feel as if you are being owned by your mate. You should be sharing your world, not being brought in as a beautiful, mindless statue meant to stand around being pretty. Your own fulfillment of your desires should not take the backseat for someone else’s idea of what you are or should be.  The pleasure of materials over substance is a temporary, fleeting thing never to be confused as the real thing.

Attraction and what draws you into a person is something that should not be rushed into. Desires are soo unnatural to not explore, though exploring these desires always has consequences.  Let’s Wait Awhile’s sensuality and passion does not dismiss the reality that accompanies starting a sexual relationship with someone you have feelings for. This song almost attempts to suspend in time that magical moment of courtship that is a prerequisite of sex. The forgotten elements of longing and curiosity in this song add to the mystique of the actual acts of sex, and moves it away from being a physical act into a mental, spiritual act. Rushing into sex will cause the most paralyzing of stress because your female body will subconsciously will create invisible bonds and expectations from having sex with this person.  Even justifiable anger cannot hold up against great sex with your lover. Think about bonds and expectations you will undoubtedly have by choosing to take a relationship with someone you are feeling to sexual level.

Funny How Time Flies(When You’re Having Fun) talks about maintaining your bearing in the pleasurable moments of life.  In love your mind can completely lose itself in the addictive emotions of sharing your body and time with someone you enjoy.  Spending time with the apple of your eye cannot interfere on accomplishing daily tasks that lead to your bigger goals. Thoroughly enjoy the time of your lover, but leaving your lover yearning for more of you builds their desire for you much more than always submitting to the passion you share together. Everyone loves a nympho, but rationing your time maximizes the amount of duties you can complete. Instead of having sexy times for four hours, try two. Try experimental places with your lover you can sneak in quickly so you can get back to running your empire. Leaving them wanting more is far better than giving too much at one time.

It is a complete miscarriage of all things right in the world that Janet Jackson is most known for Justin Timberlake whipping out her breasts and flashing them at the Super Bowl. I thought it was highly ironic that Britney Spears, a grown woman with a conservatorship not responsible for herself at all only played selections from Janet’s Control before and after her sets during her 2009 Circus tour. As critics pour thru music playing it backwards looking for hidden messages, I implore you to seek out what Janet was attempting to convey in plain English. Take a look at your life, and once you get the chance just take CONTROL.

Dueling Divas- What About Your Friends??


The hectic vida loca of a Queen can lead her to seek sanity and serenity at times outside of herself.  If her first oasis isn’t Monte Carlo,  often its the arms of fellow Queens of other kingdoms she calls her friends.  Her friends are ambitious, beautiful, and talented- qualities that she values and views as an extension of the mirror image reflection she sees of herself.  But no two queens are exactly alike, and if even if they are remarkably similar these women share differences that create more tension than they relieve.  If this fellow Queen is indeed your trusted and beloved friend, you can not just cut her out your life when her bitchy attitudes and comments towards you are leading you to do just that.

HER LIFE IS JUST AS CRAZY AS YOURS. She has deadlines, expectations to meet, a love life, and all kinds of situations in her life that restricts her emotional response to personal and external stress. She may feel you are bowing down to circumstance because she views your issues not through YOUR EYES, but hers. You must exhibit omniscient understanding that true friends are few and far between, and your friends ALWAYS want the BEST for you. It is quite silly to assume just because your friends don’t agree with your logic that they are insensitive, or uncaring towards your feelings. Your friends are busy with problems of their own and often draw strength and insight from you. The last thing she wants to see is you sulking, and the last thing she has time for is patching an ego the size of The Vactian’s rooftop just because of a little bit of drizzle.

A QUEEN OF HEARTS IS NOT THE QUEEN OF DIAMONDS.  Don’t allow your differences to become such great dividers. Even in the most blatant of errors, judgment should be witheld.  Your job is consel and support, not judge and jury. Factors that drive the workings of far and away kingdoms are personal and even if intimate details are shared. It is outside of a Queens jurisdiction to display emotions that do not echo temperance. This shows the development of your character. As we must know, no one is perfect. To truly demonstrate grace and understanding is a quality of the highest regard. Offering encouragement is a favorable response for your friend’s soul and your own. It allows you to also to divorce yourself from emotional attachment to solving your friend’s problems by not adding to the drama. Encouragement is usually short and sweet yet resonates deep in the unconscious soul. This is why people love quotes so much. The words themselves are strong, and the source of the words are seen as wise and alert to a higher level of thinking and experience. Always speak and be positive and if you can’t do not be negative.  Be patient, if your patience is worn thin, do things that allow you and friends to relate to each other again.  Do not fault her for not being you.  Celebrate the best of who she is.

eating together

The world itself is as superficial as ever. If you are blessed enough to experience true and loyal friendship treasure it. Authentic connections are rare and the uniqueness of their beauty vary from friend to friend. These connections view a window to your soul and the things that you value but are not the same as your personal life experience.  Let those closest to you to make mistakes and continue striving to be the best Queen you can be. Learn from the choices others make, and develop discernment over what things you allow to penetrate your spirit.  Time is the most shallow of all promises and the time spent with those you love should always aim to be loving. Get beautiful,  find some great music, work out, eat, go shopping, laugh, and experience life with your friends.  Queens haven’t the time to hold on to petty arguments, misunderstandings, and the like. Besides, worrying causing wrinkles.

Get To WHY


“Everybody’s dream is to live on an island, in complete freedom, without constraint, with the independence that only self-sufficiency can provide.”

Bassani Antivari- President of Wally Hermes Yachts

Designs of the Wally Hermes Yacht premiered at the Abu Dahbi Yacht Show with a price tag of a bargain of $160,000,000, touted as a island/yacht hyrbrid.


1. to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, or the like. restore to good condition, operation, or management, as a bankrupt business. reestablish the good reputation of (a person, one’s character or name, etc.).
4. to restore formally to former capacity, standing, rank, rights, or privileges.
This Queen is currently on a much needed sabbatical from the immense pressure of running the Empire called her life. We must be sensible enough to know this crazy world we live in can require us to step away from from our daily reality in order to assess, configure, and rehabilatate ourselves.
Rehab has become a dirty word. It has morphed into term of ridicule people throw around as jokes, and something people view as a cop out from facing real issues and problems we all have. Pop culture has found a way to take something meant to use for personal invigoration and distorted it into something to be ashamed of, or some sort of punishment for gluttonous behaviors and actions.  We deserve to seek out knowledge that invites serenity and peace in our lives, and applying this knowledge to our daily living is part of evolving into a sophisticated, sharpened you. You should never feel reluctant about taking steps to restore your life to manageable levels. If you do feel embarrassed about learning new coping techniques, it speaks volumes about what YOU THINK YOU DESERVE FOR YOURSELF.
If an environmental change (vacation or relocation) is not feasible due to financial or other restrictions, you may feel that you already know your alternatives. You’ve read all the books, went to classes, and tried new hobbies and may be unable to shake that soul sickness from your spirit. The empty feeling from your gut is due to the nothingness you have been feeding yourself. If you look at the word REHABILITATION, you can see the word HABIT peek thru. CHANGING YOUR HABITS IS THE SUREST WAY TO SERENITY. Thinking patterns clearly develop into habits. If these thinking patterns are weighing upon your crown you must adjust these thoughts. These thoughts and patterns design your actions. Think of your brain as the sketchboards your favorite designer would conceive a great look on, and the quality of your life as their Spring Collection. You can’t sketch Ed Hardy tees and await to see the Versace gown Demi wore to this year’s Oscars on your models workin’ the runway.   If your vision and your actions are not aligned, what you are truly designing for yourself are creations that will always be in contrast to you are attempting to illustrate in your mind.
You don’t need to neccesarily check into a clinic to go to rehab, just like you don’t have to shave your head to have gone crazy. As a Queen, you have the authority to declare “enough is enough” and it is your sovereign duty to implement effective change. Seek Rehabiliation in your habits by leading your thoughts towards the expansion of your territory and expelling thoughts that are counterproductive to that goal.  You will be better for it and this will radiate in everything that you do.

Are You and Chilli’s Standards Too High?


Everybody knows her. The beautiful successful lonely single girl. Even if she’s over 35 she still could pass for her 20’s. Her personality is infectous, and her smile illuminates the room. “She’s got it together”, so logically its a mystery why someone with a perfect smile and great body has not yet come along on their white horse and galloped away with her into forever.  Like why is she stiiiiilll single?

As often as you asked this question thinking about this particular woman, she’s asked it a million more times to herself.  Some of them as little girls  dreamed to be wives and brides. These were the girls on the playground that already knew exactly how many children they were set to have AND had already picked their names out.  Some were career minded from the get-go and woke up one day wondering were time went.  This woman thought she’d be married by 27 or so because she’d be done with school and got that great job, paid off her loans because weddings are soo expensive, but she looks great because her Yoga classes banished her freshman years ago and she’s so successful and she works with so many available men but they are overweight and she hardly has time because she is soooo terribly busy. Maybe Mr. Right wronged her and left her for the babysitter or went creepin with the deacon.  Or it could have been the day she worked out to I Kissed a Girl reminding her of all the fun she had at slumber parties and late night study sessions with the sorrors..when was the last time you saw her with a guy anyway??? Whatever the reason she’s still not married and doesn’t even have a boyfriend. In a world of six billion people everyone should surely have a match hidden in there somewhere, right? You shouldn’t be doomed to a life of Lifetime Movies living the reality version of Waiting to Exhale?! Despite who she was and who she is today she can not help but to feel inadequate because of her lack of a soul mate connection in her life. This woman is a goal reacher, and eventually being a “couple” is a goal every Queen NEEDS to mark off her list. Humans are a pack oriented species, so we are naturally drawn to desire the presence and company of others. Women are biologically wired to respond to and require intimacy, attention, and affection. Combing all these factors is what the future old lady with a bunch of pets as companions single woman deals with every day she looks in the mirror.  But she will NOT compromise her standards.

This old maid woman has always expected the best from herself. It’s very unreasonable to expect this woman require less from her mate. No Queen ever asks of something she doesn’t demand from herself.  She doesn’t have the time to help anybody to the path of their dreams because she’s already cultivated hers. Considering the dynamics of the traditional household it would be unfair to expect Ms. All D. Good-BatteriesareintheVibrator the single woman to welcome the role of provider with open arms. Although she has considered this possibility, her pride will not allow her to accept this option because she refuses to downgrade. Her car was better than the previous one, so why shouldn’t her next man be better than the one that came before him?

Queens in all stages of life are in a subconscious constant state of beautiful progression. This is what drives us our optimism, and also allows us the freedom to fantasize about our desires. We love to dream about what we are going to have, but rarely what we are willing to do to get it. A woman with alot of time on her hands can conjure up all kinds of fanatical ideas in her head that she confuses as one hell of a wish list (she calls standards) that her future mate must posses in order to have her heart. These women know their standards like it was her favorite song. She recites them over and over hoping somebody out there can match up to the lyrics, quick to cut anybody that comes short of her strict guidelines. This Queen rules with the Rule of Rule which begins to act more like a good spam blocker rather than an idea. Is it that there is no one out there that matches her desires or is she so afraid of being hurt again that her impossible standards and single hood are a manifestation of her OWN fears of failure? Is it really that every suitor doesn’t make enough money, is fat, has too many kids, has a raggedy ride, didn’t get enough education, lives with his parents, or doesn’t have enough “swagger’? Or are these qualities the desperado’s single girl’s deepest fears and insecurities for herself?

Victoria’s Secretions- Another Arguement for Going Commando


Retailers Bloomingdale’s and Victoria’s Secret were busted by Today Show undercover shoppers restocking shelves with returned panties. Not only were the panties “used”, the undercover buyers stained the panties with baby oil and dirt yet the returned panties hung right next to the “new” panties in the retail stores! Makes you wonder if those big Semi Annual sales at Vicky’s are just previously worn panties returned from catalog sales!! Thoroughly examine panties before you buy them, make sure you are washing your panties prior to wear.  Ironically, selling used underwear as if its brand new is not an illegal practice, so protect yourself!!

To view the video, copy or click the link