Queen For The Day


Queen Corinne

“..We crash into love-filled nights ,  We race till we’re out of time , And now that you’ve taken me up so high ,  Don’t let me down..”

Paris Nights, New York Mornings- Corinne Bailey Rae

In Corinne Bailey Rae’s music the hint of apprehension is sprinkled throughout the sweet lush vocals and soul laced instrumentals. Her albums are beautiful, whimsical, and emotional. Her lyrics take you into smoky cafes and rainy late nights as you are right by Corinne’s  side rocking and rolling with alll passionate dusk till dawn happenings. There is an undercurrent of trepidation, a sense of recurring tension between the past, the present moment, and what’s next. Vulnerability seeps thru her songs like a constant companion. Corinne’s music doesn’t echo the pro-me confidence of Beyonce’s, or the ever solid faith of Sade’s and Jill Scott’s. It isn’t weaky but at times is weepy and unsure. In Corinne’s beautifully naked honesty, hope and optimism come to cover her like a warm soft robe. Every Queen has trials, but her strength shines thru her own perfect imperfections, and her imperfections allow her to create a perfect purpose.
Every girl wants to hear she’s beautiful but Corinne’s unique physical appearance led kids to mock and tease her. Being  poor,  super skinny and biracial spurred Corinne into developing a shy and awkward sense about herself.  She coped with choosing self expression.  Tapping into what you are inherently good at is one of the first steps of walking the path of your true purpose. Queens are gifted with multiple talents and skills and if you commit to cultivating the best parts of who you are this will profit you in the future. Take to time contemplate, conceive, and develop your purpose.  Corinne was able to find her voice amongst the singers in local jazz clubs and love as well.  Corinne’s debut album,  Like a Star debuted in 2006.  Her name became famous and Corinne was singing all over the world. Even in our achievement of dreams life is something all Queens experience. Jason Rae, Corinne’s saxaphonist husband who she married in 2001 died of a drug overdose in 2008. She was able to use her personal strengths to help heal the pain of her loss.  Pain and tears she cried streamed into The Sea, Corinne’s exceptional new album. The valleys and peaks of her life culminated into a remarkable work that was a solace from tribulation. I use the word work because enduring to reach a goal is something that must be worked at every day. Give quality time to your purpose and work diligently at refining it. Submit your mind to your craft and not losing yourself in stressful emotion. Use your negative feelings as a muse to enrich your life. If you feel tired, let the feeling of being tired become your fuel for motivation. Sadness or setbacks does not excuse you from your responsibility of living a life of purpose.
Embrace the uniqueness of you as a woman, and of your life in this world, and allow what marks you to inspire you to make your mark upon the world.  Channeling disappointment into something beautiful is an open secret all Queens should share with each other.  Thank you Queen Corinne!!
Stream her album The Sea http://www.corinnebaileyrae.net

About queen4today

This is the story and observations of many Queens through the eyes of One. This isn't about overindulgence, it's about a desire for excellence. The best in life, and harmony in her home. Any woman that realizes her worth, potential, and promise at one time or another is a Queen. Life however, can be her beast, and although she may not always make the right choice, she survives, living it up every chance she gets.. :)

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