1. to restore to a condition of good health, ability to work, or the like. restore to good condition, operation, or management, as a bankrupt business. reestablish the good reputation of (a person, one’s character or name, etc.).
4. to restore formally to former capacity, standing, rank, rights, or privileges.
This Queen is currently on a much needed sabbatical from the immense pressure of running the Empire called her life. We must be sensible enough to know this crazy world we live in can require us to step away from from our daily reality in order to assess, configure, and rehabilatate ourselves.
Rehab has become a dirty word. It has morphed into term of ridicule people throw around as jokes, and something people view as a cop out from facing real issues and problems we all have. Pop culture has found a way to take something meant to use for personal invigoration and distorted it into something to be ashamed of, or some sort of punishment for gluttonous behaviors and actions.  We deserve to seek out knowledge that invites serenity and peace in our lives, and applying this knowledge to our daily living is part of evolving into a sophisticated, sharpened you. You should never feel reluctant about taking steps to restore your life to manageable levels. If you do feel embarrassed about learning new coping techniques, it speaks volumes about what YOU THINK YOU DESERVE FOR YOURSELF.
If an environmental change (vacation or relocation) is not feasible due to financial or other restrictions, you may feel that you already know your alternatives. You’ve read all the books, went to classes, and tried new hobbies and may be unable to shake that soul sickness from your spirit. The empty feeling from your gut is due to the nothingness you have been feeding yourself. If you look at the word REHABILITATION, you can see the word HABIT peek thru. CHANGING YOUR HABITS IS THE SUREST WAY TO SERENITY. Thinking patterns clearly develop into habits. If these thinking patterns are weighing upon your crown you must adjust these thoughts. These thoughts and patterns design your actions. Think of your brain as the sketchboards your favorite designer would conceive a great look on, and the quality of your life as their Spring Collection. You can’t sketch Ed Hardy tees and await to see the Versace gown Demi wore to this year’s Oscars on your models workin’ the runway.   If your vision and your actions are not aligned, what you are truly designing for yourself are creations that will always be in contrast to you are attempting to illustrate in your mind.
You don’t need to neccesarily check into a clinic to go to rehab, just like you don’t have to shave your head to have gone crazy. As a Queen, you have the authority to declare “enough is enough” and it is your sovereign duty to implement effective change. Seek Rehabiliation in your habits by leading your thoughts towards the expansion of your territory and expelling thoughts that are counterproductive to that goal.  You will be better for it and this will radiate in everything that you do.

About queen4today

This is the story and observations of many Queens through the eyes of One. This isn't about overindulgence, it's about a desire for excellence. The best in life, and harmony in her home. Any woman that realizes her worth, potential, and promise at one time or another is a Queen. Life however, can be her beast, and although she may not always make the right choice, she survives, living it up every chance she gets.. :)

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  1. The words spoken here are so true… Take the necessary time for yourself. Be the Queen that you are. Know that you are worth it all..

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