Dueling Divas- What About Your Friends??


The hectic vida loca of a Queen can lead her to seek sanity and serenity at times outside of herself.  If her first oasis isn’t Monte Carlo,  often its the arms of fellow Queens of other kingdoms she calls her friends.  Her friends are ambitious, beautiful, and talented- qualities that she values and views as an extension of the mirror image reflection she sees of herself.  But no two queens are exactly alike, and if even if they are remarkably similar these women share differences that create more tension than they relieve.  If this fellow Queen is indeed your trusted and beloved friend, you can not just cut her out your life when her bitchy attitudes and comments towards you are leading you to do just that.

HER LIFE IS JUST AS CRAZY AS YOURS. She has deadlines, expectations to meet, a love life, and all kinds of situations in her life that restricts her emotional response to personal and external stress. She may feel you are bowing down to circumstance because she views your issues not through YOUR EYES, but hers. You must exhibit omniscient understanding that true friends are few and far between, and your friends ALWAYS want the BEST for you. It is quite silly to assume just because your friends don’t agree with your logic that they are insensitive, or uncaring towards your feelings. Your friends are busy with problems of their own and often draw strength and insight from you. The last thing she wants to see is you sulking, and the last thing she has time for is patching an ego the size of The Vactian’s rooftop just because of a little bit of drizzle.

A QUEEN OF HEARTS IS NOT THE QUEEN OF DIAMONDS.  Don’t allow your differences to become such great dividers. Even in the most blatant of errors, judgment should be witheld.  Your job is consel and support, not judge and jury. Factors that drive the workings of far and away kingdoms are personal and even if intimate details are shared. It is outside of a Queens jurisdiction to display emotions that do not echo temperance. This shows the development of your character. As we must know, no one is perfect. To truly demonstrate grace and understanding is a quality of the highest regard. Offering encouragement is a favorable response for your friend’s soul and your own. It allows you to also to divorce yourself from emotional attachment to solving your friend’s problems by not adding to the drama. Encouragement is usually short and sweet yet resonates deep in the unconscious soul. This is why people love quotes so much. The words themselves are strong, and the source of the words are seen as wise and alert to a higher level of thinking and experience. Always speak and be positive and if you can’t do not be negative.  Be patient, if your patience is worn thin, do things that allow you and friends to relate to each other again.  Do not fault her for not being you.  Celebrate the best of who she is.

eating together

The world itself is as superficial as ever. If you are blessed enough to experience true and loyal friendship treasure it. Authentic connections are rare and the uniqueness of their beauty vary from friend to friend. These connections view a window to your soul and the things that you value but are not the same as your personal life experience.  Let those closest to you to make mistakes and continue striving to be the best Queen you can be. Learn from the choices others make, and develop discernment over what things you allow to penetrate your spirit.  Time is the most shallow of all promises and the time spent with those you love should always aim to be loving. Get beautiful,  find some great music, work out, eat, go shopping, laugh, and experience life with your friends.  Queens haven’t the time to hold on to petty arguments, misunderstandings, and the like. Besides, worrying causing wrinkles.


About queen4today

This is the story and observations of many Queens through the eyes of One. This isn't about overindulgence, it's about a desire for excellence. The best in life, and harmony in her home. Any woman that realizes her worth, potential, and promise at one time or another is a Queen. Life however, can be her beast, and although she may not always make the right choice, she survives, living it up every chance she gets.. :)

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