Why DID YOU Get Married??


Not only do you hate his dirty draws, you hate his clean ones. You shrill as soon as you hear him enter the room, maybe because he is as boring as C-Span on a Sunday afternoon, or because he never shuts his trap about A-Rod, or Jay Z, or his ever stagnant “grind”. He never ever listens, and when he does it’s always a day late and a dollar short. You don’t even want to look at him, let alone be intimate with him.  And every morning after you make sure he has his lunch and you give him that same blahzay emotionless “I love you”  kissing him like he was your Grandma, he sets off into the world not the man who you know and hate, but as a starving predator, lusting for the sought after fulfillment he misses at home.

Married/Booed up Women- SINGLE LADIES DO NOT WANT YOUR MAN, hoes may want your man, but a refined lady is not dishing to be first in line to audition for the role of next supporting actress of the drama of you and your man’s personal problems. Truth is, your mate may emerge as a charming, intelligent, and a rather pleasant individual. Your evil demeanor at home makes him very friendly in the streets, and he always carries a conversation, a smile, or a desire to help beautiful women he meets out and about. He is emasculated by the appreciation and kindness exhibited by beautiful strangers. It’s quite a contrast from the naggin and bitchin he feels he hears too much domestically. As an independent single woman, I am very disheartened with the level of unsatisfied partners in relationships. Being beautiful, we are targets of these thirsty individuals because YOUR EGO DISALLOWS YOU TO TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS AT HOME. You are so upset at him for leaving up the toilet seat, not accomplishing goals, and not following YOUR agenda that you neglect to remember if they do not receive it from you, wounded and frustrated people naturally seek out attention, affection, and direction elsewhere. These affairs usually begin with casual interaction, and escalates, usually at the insistence of your committed partner. Half the time the “other” woman doesn’t know she is the “other woman”.  Your mate is often very persistent, as your rebuffs only ignite his desires for attention outside of your relationship. When will you get over yourself so that decent single women are meeting other decent single people instead of your freak famished philanderer?

SINGLE LADIES-THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP– These people who tell you this are liars. Basically what they are saying is that they cheat and keep it out of their mate’s faces. As a single lady, this is always an intriguing option because initially you will feel that you will be less emotionally, physically, and financially attached to this person, mainly because it is preestablished this person is someone else’s problem.  Your time won’t be sucked up into “mate-dating” and most of your time will be spent casually or privately hanging out. The dangerous element of these relationships is that all pretenses of making good impressions go out the window, and the two souls flow naturally, interactively engaging each other. It’s lust, its magic, it’s the alignment in the sky. To you the single lady, this is perfect passion, but to your open-ended friend, this is a temporary oasis from Hell’s Island. You get to be the sexual lab rat, the ever option (kiss that priority stuff goodbye), the scapegoat for pre existing problems, and the odd man out. It is not practical to assist the opposing team in scoring goals. Don’t do wifey’s dirty work for nothing.

In its purest element love and fear do not know each other. If you are truly not in love with your husband, boo, or lover, you should leave. Do not think the icy interactions or monthly sex just affect you. Honestly you deserve the same fulfillment and warmth your partner is casing the streets for everyday. How engaged can you truly be in your soul if you are not fully engaged with your soulmate? People grow, people have needs that change, and people have the need to feel special and happy. To devoid yourself of the freedom or happiness you truly desire out of fear will be the hangnail that irks everything you touch in your relationship. The resentment and laxness you have silently or vocally unleashed in regards to your relationship with your mate has tainted an already polluted dating pool for awesome single ladies because you have in effect given ineligible players permission to take the field.  Make a true effort to fall back in love with the person you met those many years ago.  Engage each other mentally and spiritually. Forget about the world around you and remember the world you shared before the bills, the kids, the friends, and the lies. Commit to being a friend, a coach, and a fantasy for your mate. Simply reconnect.  Single, sexy, independent ladies are sick of (some) of you committed women dangling these disqualified dudes in our radar!! If you are unhappy, be like Janet and take control of your life!! We are so sick of shaking off your boos!!


About queen4today

This is the story and observations of many Queens through the eyes of One. This isn't about overindulgence, it's about a desire for excellence. The best in life, and harmony in her home. Any woman that realizes her worth, potential, and promise at one time or another is a Queen. Life however, can be her beast, and although she may not always make the right choice, she survives, living it up every chance she gets.. :)

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