Armed + Dangerous


One of the most perplexing things to experience is greatness. Walking the path of becoming what you were destined to be versus what is dictated to you is a feat no short of awesome. The belief and time you invested into yourself is beginning to pay off, as the results of your hard work have truly blessed your life. You can swipe your debit card without the slightest hint of trepidation, your new spa regimen is just what the doctor ordered, and now that your eating better- you’re actually looking even younger. So why is everybody so mad at you?

Initially, people will express happiness over your newfound purpose. They will come to you with questions and ask of your advice. Be mindful of your words and your tone because passion and success can harvest jealousy and resentment within less secure people. They hear you list your goals and how each one was knocked like you were the 80’s Iron Mike. This can bolster feelings of inadequacies within someone who is not proactive about the direction of their own life. Your greatness shrinks this person. Of course it’s not your intention, but this person believes you are deliberately trying to make them feel bad about the trapped position they’ve allowed themselves to be boxed in. Your excitement is distorted into bragging, your confidence is confused with conceit. They deflect these feelings onto you to prevent looking in the mirror and confronting the person that’s holding them back from their own greatness.

Don’t feel the slightest discomfort about the whispers and head turns that seem to occur when you walk into a room. People will talk about you whether you are successful or not. Gossip is very much a passive person’s favorite pastime. If you imagine life like a football arena, these people are in the bleachers- yelling at the quarterbacks and receivers, saying what they should have done or could have done better, yet they aren’t even in the game at all. Although they may claim to hate everything they think you stand for- status, distinction, and prominence, they are living vicariously through you. Allowing these idle minded people to dull your shine is like letting the drunk fat guy that’s seen a few games be the coach. Never let these simpletons control how you feel about yourself or what you are/are not going to do. Gossiper’s opinions never should be taken seriously, because once again you are being talked about so that this person can deflect attention off their own shortcomings and perceived failures. They don’t understand that first you have to try before you can even fail because their personal fear is greater than the passion they have to achieve success. Your drive to accomplish your goals is chalked up to luck, and they have no understanding of the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve input to get where you are. The words of the idle minded can hurt as each whisper and nod over to you can feel like a bullet thru the heart, which is why we must be armed with an invisible suit of strength, grace, and nonchalance when dealing with these people.

Become discerning over who you choose to share your success with. Not everyone wants to hear your tips or insight, because not everyone is happy for you. Not everyone desires to be great at something, some people just exist. There is an air of comfort in being mediocre and handling the heavy responsibility of excellence can’t be placed in the hands of the weak. Therefore you must tune out these people in order to maintain proper focus because you can never please them, nor should you ever aspire to. Live your life for you the best way you see fit, and smile at the cheerleaders that applaud you. Forget the ones that boo and hiss you, and erase the ones that nitpick and scrutinize you. Arm yourself with the shield of dignity, the sword of self assuredness, and the big guns of always looking your best- your artillery will stand up against any enemy fire or false flag operations.

… (They) fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer
Guess it’s just the fury of man
Became a monster, on top of the world, never fallin….

Hate Me Now- Nas



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