Are you a Narcissist?? (Or Do You Just ENJOY Yourself ALOT..??)


From the 1995 movie Clueless..

Josh: You know, if I ever saw you do something that wasn’t ninety percent selfish, I’d die of shock.
Cher: Oh, that’d be reason enough for me.

You show off!! You walk around donning fur coats when its not even that cold outside and when the summer comes you are globe trotting all over the country like you play for an WNBA team. Look at how you spoil yourself with MAC makeup, trips to the sauna, and massages. Everytime you are out, why is it so neccessary for you to have a bottle of wine, why cant you drink mixed drinks by the glass like everybody else? Do you have to have on the slinkiest, sexiest dress everytime you step out?

A confident self assured woman wearing the label of a narcissist is as common as the Dior and Versace labels in her closet. Ironically, you are called shallow because of the way other people choose to percieve you. People foolishly think that you dress and eat the way you do to impress them, when you are chiefly concerned with having the best for yourself. The fact that you desire better for yourself is what this narccissist label is all about.

Upon a time far and away, a prophet told a young mother that her exceptionally beautiful child wouldn’t live long unless  he came to know himself. In a time without mirrors, Narcissus knew of his uberhotness since every chick in Greece threw panties at him everywhere he went. As the story may go, young Narcissus was out at a lake, took a glance over the side and saw his reflection for the very first time. Enamoured by what he saw, he fell in love with himself. His choice of falling in love with himself led him to go crazy and eventually death by morphing into a flower.

The truth is there is no one that is going to treat you better, take care of you, or be there for you more than yourself. You are stuck with you for the long haul as friends, lovers, and family can come and go with the seasons. Bills can come and go, as do many other restricts that obstruct you from living your life to its potential. Truly discovering, courting and falling in love with the person you are is one of the most convoluted of self truths because vanity, egotism, conceit and selfishness will be words thrown at you by people that are running from the person that they are inside. Most people practice self hate methods upon themselves like eating recklessly, taking shitty jobs just to pay the bills, and constantly accepting less than they deserve. They rationalize their shortcomings against your peacockish stance on life. In an upside down, inside out world of philosphy and human nature you have been told to love yourself unconditionally is wrong. You are told you must abbreviate who you are for the sake of what’s right, responsibility, and not to show up others. You should believe in yourself and your abilities, up until the point of making others feel bad about what they have done for themselves. Only selfish people do that.

To look at yourself and see a goddess’s reflection is just a small part of falling for yourself. Notice your laugh, the way you always seem to have your friend’s backs, and the all around good natured woman you are. You don’t have time to sit around gossiping about others, you work and cultivate your dreams, and you wish success not just for you, but for everyone around you. You take care of yourself. You spoil yourself. You enjoy yourself. You live life by making things happen and not just by hopes and wishes for change. You love that in you. Never consider modulating this because it does not fit the mold that others have left for you. The same people that call you narccisstic often want to borrow your clothes, have a glass of your wine, and would gladly take your Coach shoes if you were to offer them. They laugh loudly at your jokes, and envy badly that they are not naturally sufficient enough to self satisfy. They are the ones that seek externally for what you have found organically inside of you. Recognizing and cultivating your beauty is not ugly.  Embrace your own greatness- take a look in the mirror and be proud of yourself.


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  1. I think that there is nothing wrong with females loving themselves…since some us of dont love ourselves enough. Can some people over do it? Yes…then it becomes unattractive….and just plain annoying. But there is nothing wrong with a female having such a healthy ego.

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