Confronting The Ghosts of The Past


The dawn of the morning after the darkness of night is a symbol of the renewal that each of us is promised with a new day. Once the sun rises and the clock on the fresh 24 begins to tick away, the previous nights and days belong to history. Our personal history may be filled with fond moments that we wish to live again, or a plaguing pain that doesn’t seem to ever go away. Some women are stuck in a time or place in the past that thwarts their presence in the now. Wading thru the past may be quite murky, but in order to make the most of your life, we must get off the boat and walk on these waters and embody faith in the unused, fresh time that we are blessed to have each day.

It’s very cliché to say the past is the past. We are not the past, but the past does shape who you can become. Some of us were raised by preoccupied parents, pushed around by douchebag bullies, or hurt by someone we’ve placed trust in. These incidents can leave transparent scars on our hearts and in turn feed our brains with negative energy that seeps into our perception of ourselves. Sprinkling into everything we do, these negative energy currents taint the now, and set a precipice of internal war within us between what we were and what we are. If we are carrying these antagonistic thoughts and experiences with us everywhere we go they become companions with our spirit and the now barely has a chance to win the fight against the was.

We may be the one that has a pleasurable past, and because of the current state of the now we are suspended in a time where life seemed more kind and easy. We’ve all seen the women that still wear outdated hairstyles and clothing, seemingly oblivious that it’s 2010.  These women never get rid of old dresses, earrings, and shoes hoarding everything that they once knew in attempt to holding on to what they once were instead of accepting who they have become. They attach sentimental value to these objects because they remind them of the comfortable past and helps them forget about an unpredictable future. Because they deny the state of the current now, the unforeseeable future becomes something to fear. These women are afraid of aging, shudder at change, and would rather stay insulated in a Matrix of their own creation instead of facing their world as it currently is. To them, there’s nothing like the good ol’ days. They see nothing wrong with living in a constant state of reminiscing.

To truly evolve into our authentic destiny, we must come to terms with the direction the choices we’ve made have led us, and the realization that some things that happen in our lives are not in our control. How fair is it to punish yourself because of who your family is and the choices they made that incidentally shaped who you have become? We must have the serenity to accept what we cannot change about ourselves, and the courage to change the things that we can. Most of our beliefs are based from geographically where we came from. If you are raised in India, the chances of you being a Bible thumping Christian are pretty low. We speak English because of where we were raised. These same principles must be applied to other parts of our lives as well. You are truly doing an injustice to yourself if you never unlearn what society has made you and what other people have told you that you are and uncover the authentic person you truly are today. To rob yourself of the experience of each new day is like roaming around darkness, no one else is going to illuminate your path but you. Do not be afraid of taking the reigns of the now and riding the now to your soul’s desires. Trust and have faith that you will protect your best interests and enjoy what is now around you. If you cannot enjoy what is around you, it is your responsibility to work diligently to change what is not quite right in your life. What’s done is done and none of us have the patent on time machines that rewind us back to that thing we wish we would have said or did, or what we wish we didn’t do or hate that happened to us. Lick your wounds and be present now. You are a beautiful, blessed creation. Be thankful of the new day upon you and the chance to reshape the future.

You can’t bring the future back and you can not bring the past into now. If your past is dragging your progress, let it go because it is already written. The now is writing itself everyday so do not let the ghostwriters do all the work for you.  There is only one author you should be concerned about and that is you. Write and live your autobiography with class, dignity, grace, and pleasure. Life is too short so be conscious and grateful of the wonderful blessing of now. Forgive you, and forgive who has caused you pain and doubt. Go to the sauna and sweat it out.


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