It’s CLEAR That Your Obsessed – Nosy Broads


..Why you over there lookin’ at me…??

Are you the friend that cyberstalks your BFF’s ex’s? Do you case people’s Facebook activity to monitor who they are talking to and what they are saying to other people? Do you do drive bys (spying, not shootings) of your ex flame’s house with your clique in tow? Are you namedropping  just to see what others are buzzing about this person? You would be just as good as McGuyver instead you are talking trash and showing your insecurity and instability by refusing to leave well enough alone. Did you ever stop to ask yourself the question WHY?

Dear J.EdgarHoover, in one short sentence, GET A LIFE. Really. If you choose to stand by your feelings of disdain and hatred towards someone, why are you constantly talking about, hovering around, and lurking for this person? Surely, you can find something to do like work out, hone in on your own crafts and abilities, or simply LIVE. Harboring unneccessary negativity is futile because the person you have proclaimed from the mountaintops you HATE is actually LIVING THEIR LIFE, with you and your stank crew being the furthest thing from the mind until you show up A Team style online or in person. If someone is wrong, they are simply wrong. You are not God’s Undertaker, so you cannot execute them for sins on behalf of your poor friends or your hurt feelings. You do not know every detail of why your friends harbor such resentment towards this person, neither will you ever, so why can’t you simply support your friends emotionally and not obsessive over OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. It’s understandable what hurts your friends hurts you, however this gives you no cause to pick up arms of icy glares and gossip simply because someone else has chosen another direction in their life. If this person is a total tool, karma will catch up with them. Let it go, neurotic psycho.

It is hilariously high school that grown people would stoop as low as deleting their friend’s ex’s off Facebook and unfollowing them on Twitter, yet be compelled to comment after everything that person says to OTHER people using those same social networks. Your indirect cyberstalking looks more desperately pitiful than direct communication. If you feel that your trap is overflowing with cuss and choice words for this person, why would you subliminally state these things instead of getting all this off your chest in an email or in person contact? Is that you love to keep drama going on instead of nipping it in the bud? Are you mad this person left your dusty friends behind and moved on?

Other people’s business is just that, so don’t waste your time sticking your nose where it simply doesn’t belong. You can’t fight other people’s battles, and you can’t protect people from what they WANT in their lives. If you feel your friend’s relationships are doing them more harm than good, simply state your feelings to your friend and abstain from egging them along in looking like an ass. Instead of choosing to be Captain Ass of the SS Dumbass, let your friends work out their own issues with their ex’s. How stupid would you look if these crazy kids got back together? Don’t think your bff wouldn’t bail on you like FEMA in a natural disaster. Keep other people’s names out of your mouth and use your time constructively to be the best you you can be, TODAY. You can always learn from history, but old news need not be recycled.

..You know I’m not gone diss you on the Internet- Cause my momma taught me better than that…

Survivor- Destiny’s Child


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