In Celebration of Friends (The Ladies In Your Life)


Carrie Bradshaw and her troupe of defiant and devastating divas are once again stirring ladies all over the country to get dressed in their bests, meet up for wine and dinner and march into theaters May 27th like a Barbie doll army. Girl Power will be in full effect as our eyes window rob shop the rumored $10,000,000 wardrobe budget of Sex and The City 2, and our souls will be united in togetherness and optimism for the crazy characters on the screen and seated right next to us. Sex and The City never lets us forget the individual lifestyles that make up the whole, but always reminds us of the greatness that the ladies bring out of each other together. The wit, insight, and perspective that true friends offer to the table of life can be sweet at times and others bitter, but is always baked specially with love. No matter how near or far your friends may be, the presence they have in our lives is golden- even when all the silver slippers and spoons are tarnished.

Good friends like a good bra are close to your heart, lifting you up and supporting you. They are there to hear the Douchebag Chronicles that have became your love life, they save the day with their timing and good spirit, and allow you your own solace without making you feel like shit just for needing to be alone. Though Superwoman isn’t immune to kryptonite, she is there for you the best way she knows how. Her presence like classy jewelry is more subtle than the gaudy gleam and attention relationships bring, and more sincere than the obligatory, often imposing demands of family members. She is there because she wants to be, and she genuinely loves you even though you aren’t bonded by blood or by lust. She is a soul sister and a soldier. Valentines, parents, bosses, and secretaries have days of appreciation, but what about your friends?

Buy her a bottle of wine. Get her a gift card for her fave store. Pick up a funny card. Plan a vacation. Websites like offer the skinny on vineyards, ski slopes, and saunas to chillax with your friends. Though everybody may not agree on the same itinerary, everybody is on one accord with the cause. Try to choose a place to hang out with your friends that offers culture and variety. Remember everyone’s personal needs are different and don’t feel left out if they want to party and you want to star gaze. Be mindful of your sensitive ego and never assume the worst. The time you spend guessing what’s wrong could be spent laughing and reconnecting with your friends.

Your friends are often as idealistic and creative as you are. If you and your posse are goal oriented, why not build through a common goal to create wealth together? You are at an advantage when everyone has been able to tap into their authenticity and offer unique perspectives. Each person’s strength contributes to the building of prosperity for the group. It’s said that women are too catty to work together. Prove these suckers wrong.

Friends are masters at providing the simple things that make the most difference in our lives. They listen to us, intuitively at times, they take the brunt of our bitching, and roll along with us in the rough ride that life can be. Time is always of the essence and remain aware of the gift that friends bring to your life. If T Boz and Chilli of TLC had one more moment with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes do you think it would be spent arguing? If Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott could see Aaliyah just once in exchange for a million dollars would she would pay it? If Betty White and Rue McClanahan could have stood on the Saturday Night Live stage with Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty imagine the joy and celebration they would have shared with each other. Look forward to the memories you are building together right now. Feel blessed. Everyone is not as lucky to have a good friend in their lives to challenge and cheer them on for the better. The ladies in your life deserve your very best, as they are daunted with the task of dealing with you at your worst.


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