Beauty and the Beast??


No matter the princess, the list is still the same. He should be tall, dark, and most importantly HANDSOME. Just like men want the most gorgeous girl on their arm, women are pressured to seek the most attractive man and make him her own. Competing for his attention is often part of the allure, as lots of women tend to have eyes for the one that all of the girls cream their panties for in their dreams. Having the finest boy can be the biggest headache because he knows he is just as fine as you and a million other girls think he is. Just as hard as it is for you to say no to a pretty face, it’s waaay harder for him. What if looks weren’t the first quality that you looked for in a man? What if looks didn’t play a part in the equation at all?

Every woman has been faced with the choice to date a mud duck not so attractive man. Ugly boys usually have to work way harder for your attention and time than the pretty ones do, IF they can even get it at all. In his crooked smile and fish eyed stare he sees you as the gift from the Adonis gods that beat him with the ugly stick as a sacrifice. It would make his world to pull a pretty woman, because ever since he was a little boy, he’s been reminded over and over how aesthetically challenged he is. He’s watched as his pretty boy counterparts have had their pick of the girls, while he’s stuck trying to be the a good student or the best athlete he can be. Only then do any girls pay any attention to him, but as soon as the beautiful one looks her way, she’s forgotten that ol’ wilderbeast not so cute exists.

In any relationship, the first thing you should see is the person’s soul. Even if he looks like Dennis Rodman and Beetlejuice’s love child, if he treats you like a Queen should his looks automatically rule him out? One of the most happiest women in the world (by all outside appearances) is Beyonce Knowles Carter. Her husband, Jay Z, let’s face it ladies, ain’t no David Beckham. Not even by a long shot. Known as The Camel, Jay has traded in his player lifestyle for one woman who has chosen him although she could have chosen any man that she wants to.

A lover of pretty boys for many years, Janet Jackson traded in her usual Latin romance novel cover boys for a Papa Smurf man that probably had to pinch himself every morning he woke up next to her just to make sure he wasn’t still asleep in a dream.  Although not currently together, Jermaine was by Janet’s side at the untimely death of her brother, loved her through her not so skinny times, and even got a huge tat of Janet on his side. That’s devotion.

Showing that race doesn’t matter, repeat ugly lover offender Jennifer Lopez finally settled down with Skeletor Marc Anthony. Although he is far from a heart-throb, Jennifer discovered that old friend Master Splinter Marc had the same ideas about family, marriage, and career that she did. She saw the potential in building a relationship with someone who could provide her the sense of family that she had inside and be a father to children she couldn’t wait to bear.

It’s really easy to say that beautiful women pick ugly men because they are rich, or offer them a ticket to easy street by being taken care of. He must know in the back of his head how lucky he is to truly have a belle by his side. Just because a man is ugly doesn’t mean he will be faithful, honest, or forthright all the time. An ugly man isn’t guaranteed to be attentive, or interesting. But what if he is? What if his fugly face is just the shell of who he truly is on the inside? If he is never given a chance how will you ever know? We seldom ask ourselves how lucky beautiful women are to be with ugly men that worship the very ground they walk on.  Beauty is only skin deep and erodes over time, but a strong soul connection lasts a lifetime. Don’t let yours pass you by just because he’s no Gabriel Aubrey.


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