Fatassery + Starvation- An Eating Intervention



Jessica Simpson, one of MANY Mrs. She’s Too Big, Now She’s Too Thins….. 

The DisInformation Age we live in isn’t very kind to the big gurls, or even the skinny bitches. Big Gurls think that once they’ve reached that fantasy size that all of their problems will magically disappear, and the skinny bitches believe their biggest nightmare is becoming two tons o’ fun. Health is a distant afterthought in this quest for physical perfection as perception takes the top prize in the contest of self-love and positive self-esteem. 

FALSE PERCEPTION #1- Only Fat Girls Pig Out 

This is completely false. Many of the skinny bitches big gurls hate for being thin are starving, and purging themselves to be the size that they currently are. These girls are chewing food and spitting it out without swallowing, laxative lovers, crash dieters, and will do any crazy idea ANYONE comes up with to stay perfectly thin. If you are abusing your body to maintain being a size 4, is that worth it? Instead of binging and doing whatever the hell it is destructive to keep yourself thin, why aren’t you working so hard in discovering why you can’t/aren’t eating healthy? 

FALSE PERCEPTION #2- Big Gurls are Lazy 

Honestly lots of these women are simply busy, and haven’t figured out how eating a healthy diet can be fit into our get up, go to work, go home, go to bed American society. Fast food coincides with our instant fix now culture and is loaded with food that is fat ass friendly and addictive. Americans have taken the Fat Assery Crown as we weigh more than our foreign counterparts, and it is no coincidence that us good ol Americans have the longest work schedules in the free world. While our foreign friends have time to ride their bikes to work, prepare meals at home with their families, and take their time to eat, we are rushed because Uncle Sam wants ALLL his money and his minions working hard as possible to keep the ship afloat. If you have an eight-hour work day, an hour lunch, and a commute to work, you basically spend twelve hours a day slaving to the clock. Add eight hours to sleep per night, you have about four hours per day to actually LIVE. Henceforth eating in the car, eating whatever in super large portions, and talking to yourself like shit for not hitting the gym. 

Why are we eating bullshit? The easy answer is because it is readily and easily available, but it’s really more complex than that. It’s also easy to blame fast food which is like the get away driver in the fat ass crime follies. The real and deeper answer to this question is tied directly to our self-esteem and what we feel we deserve for ourselves. We eat to congratulate ourselves, we eat to punish ourselves. We eat because we’re bored, we eat because we are overwhelmed. We also eat for emotional comfort. We beast food because subconsciously we are attempting to fill some sort of hole in our hearts and souls. Food is like the mean girl in high school that wants to be your friend one day and is a total bitch the next. Just like the mean girl, food is NOT your friend. Food is a substance that is required to sustain proper nourishment of your body. Skinny bitches may be control freaks that often control their weight because they can not control other issues in their lives. Big gurls may over eat because they feel so out of control. Either way, our food issues are tied to an emotional need, shame, or compulsion.

Our current culture of fatassery has its roots deep in our American ancestors lives. People descended from African slaves were given every single part of the repulsive pig to eat and survive off of after a hard day’s of honest work on the plantation. After the Great Depression, nothing said I’m Rich Beyotch like a refrigerator full of steak, pork chops, and chicken. We have been conditioned to eat till nothing is left and food is sign of abundance and prosperity. With all the technology and air and sea travel in 2010, isn’t it ironic how people are starving in Third World countries, and our fat asses are gorging ourselves to death and feeling emotional ties to food? A sustenance? 

We have learned fat is ugly. Ironically, this is direct contradiction to the cultural value we place on food. This is when that ever-present guilt trip about food is born. We are decidedly taught conflicting and confusing messages about food which is why most of us have a piss poor relationship with food. We are supposed to eat in abundance, yet eating like this makes you fat, and fat is ugly. Coupling that with the higher costs associated with healthier food, it gives us little incentive to want to change the way we eat. So we eat and eat and grow fatter asses in addition to growing to hate ourselves, or we eat and don’t eat in a cycle of shame, fearing the fat ass that we could become. Many become dieting lifers, yo yoing up and down due to external cultural and internal emotional issues.  Forget the food itself is usually the fattest assed food we can find, food is the accepted drug of the culture we are born in although gaining weight is something to be ashamed of. 

KFC's Doubledown Sandwich

Michelle Obama has the big ass task of saving America’s fat ass children from a life of Lane Bryant, diabetes, gallstones, and high blood pressure. Each of us has the responsibility to unlearn the disinformation and crazy cultural hand me downs America and our families have given us. We must figure out for ourselves why we are eating out of emotions and we should ask ourselves the question is this an emotional eating moment? every time we eat. While we are busy demanding McDonalds for better alternatives, we must take the time out to prepare and/or seek out healthy food. Giving companies money who’s profits are tied directly to you being the best and most loyal fat ass you can be is not the answer. Since us Americans do not believe in protests, we must boycott shit that isn’t good for us, plain and simple. We must stop judging our big gurl counterparts because they are part of the same machine that the dying to be skinny are. Skinny isn’t always healthy, so don’t always assume these skinny bitches are the epitome of good health. Stop finger-pointing and throw the bad shit out (or find out how you can ship that shit to Africa) and eat when you are hungry and eat to sustain your health. That is all. Really. Eat when you are hungry and eat to sustain your health, ONLY, and exercise. Being at your personal best and fit isn’t some magical size that will save your life, make you happy and make all your problems disappear, but it will make you healthy. And great health is wealth.


About queen4today

This is the story and observations of many Queens through the eyes of One. This isn't about overindulgence, it's about a desire for excellence. The best in life, and harmony in her home. Any woman that realizes her worth, potential, and promise at one time or another is a Queen. Life however, can be her beast, and although she may not always make the right choice, she survives, living it up every chance she gets.. :)

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