The Hefty Pricetag on Free Lovin’- Promiscuous Girls


Why on God’s Earth are STD infection rates increasing when condoms are everywhere?!  People are divorcing at all time highs, and pop culture loves a good ditty about group sex (see Britney Spears Three or Usher’s Lil Freak) while monogamy or common sense has taken a back seat to gettin’ it on. Everyone from hoochies on the corner to news anchors use the word baby daddy as freely as any other, and the shame people- women in particular used to feel about expressing sexual desires and spilling sexual deets has been replaced with boasting, pride, and unapologetically going for theirs. The glamorous life of bed hoppin’ and nut guzzling is certainly brought crashing down to reality when the fruits of heaux labor are harvested in life.

People haaaate pyramid schemes, but always seem to forget that once you crack the cookie jar, you are effectively having sex with everybody your partner has. These numbers add up quicker than any multi level marketing program you have ever seen. Instead of viewing our bodies as temples, we allow them to get looted like an electronic store during the L.A Riots. Women that aren’t even gay are having sex with other women not because they are bicurious, but to please their male partners. Women have began to equate their worth with their pussies. Has music brainwashed us all? Do we all really think that sex is this consequence free, hook up that means nothing after the fact? Not including the physical risks of promiscuous behavior, the personal emotional effects of heauxisms are reputation ruining and promote a false identity as to who we really are. What are you really saying about yourself with dicks in your mouth just for the hell of it? Are we really so bored with life that sex is all there is to do with somebody anybody?

Groupies are famous, mistresses are infamous. In the times of worldwide instant communication, the attention hungry whore that can’t get featured on Perez will take starring on your video phone. She will even pop up on Facebook- ass and titties first hoping to get even more attention from horndogs, male or female. The party girl image has caught on like wildfire as even middle school girls are down for whatever. We can stock our stores with condoms, teach our kids about abstinence or not, but the truth is until we figure out why any attention is good attention we won’t ever scratch the surface of the epidemic sex obsession in America. It can’t be the people are fucking like rabbits just because sex feels good.

We as a culture have abused the sacred act of sex. Maybe because so many American children (male and female) are sexually abused. Innocent childhood curiosity has morphed into a race into who can be the grownest the soonest. Adults are guilty as hell of encouraging their kids into grown up behavior. It’s almost as if we are passing on our abuse a perverted rite of passage. Adults are not always emotionally equipped or physically prepared for the consequences of sex and there is no way teenagers are. We can’t stop teenagers from having sex, but to turn a blind out to it is almost as bad as the abuse itself.

The reasons people choose to have sex is the problem we as a society must tackle. Do we have sex because we are horny, or like someone, love someone, or just to feel attention and affection? Has our microwaved society zapped love into moments of one on one attention that feeds the ego and not the soul? We are so out of touch with our authentic selves that we no longer respect our intuition or our conscious. Thinking about the crazy story you are going to tell your friends, and giving the best head has taken precedence over what you are doing to yourself.  Men and women that are having sex for conquest are acting out insecurities, inadequacies, and are doing everything to run from the ugliness that they feel inside when no one else is around. You aren’t showing your independence, you are waving a flag of desperation on the S.S. Pathetic. The thing is, no one can save you from yourself.


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