Dude Where’s Your Hairline..The Ugly Side of Weave Wearing


Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE weave. But just as anything else, there is a difference between usage and abusage. Weave abusers make all weave wearers look bad. The frightening thing about the above offenders is that they supposedly have the best weave masters in the world maintaining their hair and the end result is either a matted mess like the ex Mrs. Federline’s or a hair-line that would make John Legend cringe. Please monitor your real hair for changes and breakage, as well as seeing your stylist regularly for weave care.

As a weave wearer, it is your responsibility to stay on the cutting edge of new weave applications and techniques. Do not let your stylist do the quickest and easiest weave. A good weave is meticulous and may require hours of your time. Glues, braiding, and infusions if not properly installed put in and properly removed will destroy your hair. Ask your stylist questions, and consider wearing a good wig or your natural hair from time to time. If not, one day you might look in the mirror and see a cactus staring back at you.


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