You ARE what you EAT.. An Argument for Vegetarianism


If you were a little kid on the playground scared to jump rope, you might be called a chicken. If you suck up food like a vacuum, you may be labeled a pig. If you make mountains out of molehills, you’re having a cow. The negative connotations attached to the animals we eat has a real impact in our lives. As consumers we very rarely think of how the things on our plates get there. Pet owners know their animals have real emotions and real feelings and reactions to things that happen to them. Why wouldn’t we think the animals we kill for food do not?

Most people believe in a physical world and a spiritual world. The spiritual world is a world of unseen feelings, emotions, and a constant stream of consciousness. We are spooked out about sleeping in a haunted house, but not spooked out about the Pet Cemetary we’ve got in our bellies. Slaughterhouses that kill the animals people eat are unclean houses of horror in which animals are hoarded together in filth American Slavery style with the knowledge of their upcoming deaths. They hear the screams and see the pain of the other animals with fear searing thru their bodies as they wait their turn to die.

If you believe in a spiritual world, it is contradictory to believe that the feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety the animals we eat are not being transferred to us by consumption. Outside of not having colon cancer, diabetes, and obesity, think about what you are allowing into your spirit by eating processed meat.


About queen4today

This is the story and observations of many Queens through the eyes of One. This isn't about overindulgence, it's about a desire for excellence. The best in life, and harmony in her home. Any woman that realizes her worth, potential, and promise at one time or another is a Queen. Life however, can be her beast, and although she may not always make the right choice, she survives, living it up every chance she gets.. :)

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