When a Wolf Cries Wolf- Lindsay Lohan and The”Inhumanity” of the Courts


Our favorite coke red head Lindsay Lohan has hit the highest of her lows with California Judge Marsha Revel smacking down a 90 day jail stint on her hard partying ass. Lindsay, in full IDGAF regalia, complete with Fuck You on her fingernails, bitched and whined pleaded with the court to understand her busy coke snortin’, car jacking acting and appearance schedule was to blame for her missed court regulated alky ed classes. Lindsay later tweeted about Judge Revel’s way harshness sentence

It is clearly stated in Article 5 of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights that….

, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

…Scores of federal defendants sentenced under a constitutionally perverted”

system that saps moral judgment through its mechanical rules.”

Lindsay is right. All over America and the world women and men are accused and convicted of crimes that seem morally and ethically unfair. Unfortunately for Lindsay, her case doesn’t really qualify for one of them. However, her statements and celebrity should be used to shine a light on the truly oppressed by unjust laws perpetrated by “right fighters” all over the world.

1. Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani admitted to adultery in Iran after receiving 99 lashes during a police interrogation. She was convicted by a jury of 5 to a sentence of stoning, where she will be covered in dirt up to her head and hit with rocks until she dies. Sign a petition to stop her stoning here.

2. Maricopa County Jail in surprise!! Arizona in 2009 had been accused of breaking jaws, arms, and spirits of female immigrant inmates. Prisoners went the Gandhi route and organized a hunger strike to protest the county employees from treating them “like dogs.” One inmate reported after being accused of showing a false driver’s licence to police her arm was broken by prison guards and she didn’t receive medical attention until 20 hours later. Charges were eventually dropped against her.

3. This is one hand sign you most likely will NOT see behind bars since 65% of women entering prison in the United States has no high school diploma and a dismal 14% had some college credit. Poverty, health, social, class, and enviroment are top issues in this country and the incarceration rate of women has ballooned over 800% from 1977 – 2007 . Most are non violent drug offenses, sort of like Lindsay’s, or not or check and credit card fraud. Federal drug laws incarcerate crack cocaine users 59% longer than the convictions of the average sentence of a rapist. Tell that to the two-thirds of the female prison population that are mothers in the United States.

4. Regina Kelly was indicted in 2000 on drug charges even though she had no prior record or drugs found on her property based solely on the words of a snitch confidential informant. She was urged to just plead guilty by her public defender and take a 10 year probation sentence and a felony, or face 99 years behind bars. Finally championing the Prosecution and getting the words of the liar that accused her tossed out of court, Regina was exonerated and the movie American
was made about her plight. Some of 25 people charged alongside that were pushed into pleading guilty have the harsh reality of felonies (a forgoing of food stamps, welfare, federal grant money, and the right to vote) in a tight job market.

5. Jamie and Gladys Scott were arrested in 1993 for committing armed robbery and convicted to serve double life sentences. A group of thugs admitted to the crime which a grand total of $11 of merchandise was stolen. Again, neither sister has previous criminal records and each is pushing thru their fifteenth year of incarceration. Even if guilty, that’s one helluva sentence. To write or learn more about the Scott sisters click here.

If you find yourself feeling sorry about the miscarriage of justice inflicted on Lindsay Lohan, think about the countless poor non celebs that are convicted everyday in the world. Due to prison overcrowding, Lindsay may not end up doing more than thirty days hard time. That’s just long enough to find her a new boo since Samantha’s out the picture.

Gloria Killian convicted in 1981 for murder, served 16 years of at 32 year sentence was finally reversed in 2002.


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