Soul Connections and Your Ex….


Who do we love to hate more than our Federlinin, emotionally unavailable, wack ass exes? These are the people we’ve experienced our most intimate moments, feelings, and sex acts with and simultaneously hold the most contentment in our hearts for. This is the best friend that turns into a stranger in the blink of an eye, and takes a lifetime much precious time to get over. Love and hate battle for their existence in our lives even after the relationship is over. It is so much easier to just say fuck em to hold on to the feelings of emotional betrayal, anger, and distaste for our exes, but is it ever possible to be loving to your ex despite the dramatic highs and lows of the former relationship?

An ex can be like a spare tire or a flat tire in our lives, depending on the role this person plays. Exes understand our bi polar relationships with family and friends. They can offer insight into the person we are and the person we were. However getting to a level of trust with someone who evokes sentiment and resentment is as difficult as drilling a relief well to stop millions of gallons of gushing oil from the sea. Before reaching out to an ex give yourself and your ex time to heal from the relationship. If you are stalking strolling around on Facebook and see a pic of your ex with someone new or out at a club looking a little bit too sexy, you may not be ready to bridge the gap between you. Seasons cycle, and maybe the need to reach out eventually dies. If it does great. Why fix what’s not broken? Entertaining a throwback is a delicate emotional manuever that can easily go wrong. If a pining sensation in your heart commands you to seek your former motorboater put the Blackberry down before you get your feelings hurt. Getting back and being friends are not the same thing. Make sure that both people agree that a friendship is wanted and not a relationship. Be ready to talk about things that may make you uncomfortable in order to move forward into this new friendship territory.

Why even make nice with this asshole person? Why hold on to negativity for somebody that you obviously at one point loved? No one is perfect, and many people would have made better friends than lovers anyway. With all the madness in the world, authentic soul connections are rare and shouldn’t be discounted because a relationship didn’t work out. We don’t have to be in love with somebody to love that person. To show love to someone who has hurt you is the ultimate grace and compassion that signifies a full circle refinement in a woman. Being bigger than the major or the petty issues that sever soul ties is prudent because soul ties are never broken. An ex is always an example of what not to do next time, but an ex is also a part of your past, and your past dictates your now, and your now dictates your future. Playing with fire is dangerous, but freezing on the island of misdirected anger is as well. If genuinely you believe your ex isn’t a bad person, why deny your soul the connection that was built between the two of you? Let love come from your soul, not the fickle heart or the trippy mind.


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