The Mirror is Your Friend (When Good Looks Go Bad)


..Oh you FANCY, HUH??

30 seems to be that magic age when women become the new 20, or a hot ol’ mess. Reaching this milestone of b’days signifies a change in a woman’s life and she truly comes into her own, honing in on her mistakes and reinventing them as learning experiences. Women reach a point of comfort with themselves that flies in the face of their eager pleasing twenty something years. In the midst of this newfound freedom, we tend to let go of other people’s expectations for us and do our own thing. As our faith grows in our independence, some of us may be stuck in a time warp- secure in our direction yet still banking on yesterday’s glory. As our age increases, so must our attention to our exterior appearance as beauty regimens aren’t just something we do “special” for ourselves, but regular maintenance.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Most of us just glance long enough to make sure we’ve got all the toothpaste off our mouths and the eyeliner is straight on our eyes. You deserve more attention that that from yourself. Notice the brightness of your teeth and the clarity of your skin. These will be the first tell tale signs of your age. Whitening toothpastes and bentonite clay masks can perk up your look. Do not forget that regularly drinking water (not frapps) will shave years off your appearance that all night partying and drinking have added on you. Since you’re not 21 anymore, you do require at least seven hours of sleep at night. If you look at your nails and see uneven claws with dirt underneath them or the airbrushed name of your boyfriend, please immediately after reading this go to your nearest shop and get a mani and pedi PRONTO. Choose a short, manicured look and a color that compliments you. If you are still wearing weave in 2010, you have zero excuses for not maintaining it. Your weave should never look like a rabid animal is holding your head hostage. This is the type of I don’t give a fuck-ness that reflects how you truly feel about yourself. Even if you’ve gained weight over the years, that’s fine. Dress to compliment your body. Don’t torture a poor innocent dress or jeans with your bursting hips and bulging muffin tops. Either work out and get your former body back or replenish your wardrobe. Nothing says Hello I’m pathetic I’m 30, but I stillll got it like dressing out of your little cousin’s closet, especially when you’re popping buttons off of clothes. The 30’s mean work outs and exercise regardless of weight are a mandatory part of life for health and wellness issues. Go to the sauna and get massages so the stress can melt off your body. Go easy in the tanning booth and actively take care of your skin.

Looks aren’t everything, but as we age, looks do reflect our personal care about ourselves. Is it so shocking that Foxy Brown is still getting arrested and Britney Spears doesn’t seem quite right just yet? Too many women refuse to see the truth in the mirror that says enough is enough. Changing your outlook and mindset are great first steps in being the best woman you can be, but so is being honest with yourself about beauty. If you don’t have one friend in the world that would urge you to change a shiteous outfit or hisses at you for your chipping nails, you yourself should know. Women like Foxy and Britney look like caricatures of their former hot selves, either or oblivious or just plain out say fuck it when it comes to presenting themselves to the world. Although everybody can’t still look 23 while approaching the 30 mark, you shouldn’t look like these two. EVER. Be careful not to allow delusions of grandeur trick you into thinking that you don’t have to work at being beautiful, you’re not in high school anymore.

the good ol’ days


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