Red or Blue Pill


Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Can one man’s trash truly be another man’s treasure? Perspective is the mind of our souls. It shapes why and how we experience what we experience. It wears rosy colored contacts, or blindly rages at the rest of the world. A healthy perspective is a discipline that will be soul food in a world of moral starvation and self gratifying gluttony. Being able to take yourself outside yourself will allow the personal sting of the situations placed on our shoulders to simply become the unluck of the draw.

The pain of betrayal at the hands of BFFs, or the rebuff of eye candy, even professional pitfalls add up to an all too familiar feeling of why me again? Instead of questioning why me, we rarely wonder why not me? We move through life as if we are immune to hurt, negativity, and setbacks like all these things don’t make up a normal life. No amount of preparing, planning, and pondering will ever prevent confusing or uncomfortable things from happening to us. Women become afraid to love because someone hurt them before and cut themselves off from every man on the planet, yet refuse to look at themselves to make changes. Many of us only seek to place blame. Some of us embark on new ventures and ideas and at the hint of failure retreat back into the safe world of mediocrity by never doing anything ambitious again. When we begin to believe the world is undeserving of the best of us we only hurt ourselves. The pain of self limitation and regrets makes life a disaster waiting to happen instead of a joy meant to experience. Pain is love. Pain is meant to teach the lesson of appreciation and growth. Setbacks are set ups for bigger and better things. Disappointment is not some isolating, personal pain but the honest universal truth that every human being experiences. Internalizing and over analyzing mistakes as personal ass whoopings from God and turning your back on all mankind is the cowards way out of experiencing life. Perspective will change the tune of any negative situation. A sharp perspective is the light in the dark. Perspective is seeing the yin and the yang in all of life.

Understand, perspective is a choice. It’s not some magical understanding received after successful relationships or career moves. A sharp perspective is a constant and steady flow of energy that recognizes negativity is part of the game. Muddling in despair, confusion, and isolation is the refusal of allowing perspective in. Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. The pieces that life’s puzzle leaves us to put together is of our own creation. Moving from point A to get to point B isn’t impossible over a burned bridge, it takes powerful, mindful navigation. Choosing to be negative will simply make the trek harder, but there is even beauty in that mission. Or we can choose to just sit idly while life passes by. The pills we choose to swallow either be our nourishment or malnutrition.


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