It Doesn’t Matter (#therockvoice) Who Your Parents Are???!!


In the last few weeks, the internet has lit up like the night sky on the Fourth of July with the haps on an up and coming “star”, and a star who’s light has essentially been snubbed out.  Montana Fishburne and Maia Campbell “respectively” became every bit of a public freak show, grossing and shocking the inquiring minds that dare to peep inside the circus of their lives. Message boards reflect sentiment and shame on these two that hail from a different world than where most internet readers come from. But more than where they come from, how did they arrive at where they are? What is it inside these girls that seemingly make repeated self-destructive choices that alter the course of their lives?

Chippy D, aka Montana Fishburne, is the latest second generation celebrity baring her assets to a scandal hungry public for a few benjamins and clicks. The daughter of film star and Tony Award winning actor Laurence Fishburne, Montana apparently wanted to live in the Matrix of public opinion and let all the Boyz n The Hood pass her around like a ball on the court. Who would ever think a working, respected actor such as Laurence Fishburne could have an eighteen year old daughter whose rap sheet included prostitution and pornos? BeBe Moore Campbell, three time New York Times Best Selling Author, foresaw the hell that could be her daughter’s Maia life when she published 72 Hour Hold, a book about a woman who fights her daughter’s mental illness. 72 Hour Hold was BeBe Moore Campbell’s last work. She died of brain tumor in 2006. Maia Campbell, before her You Tube infamy was a beautiful  actress who was made famous not by her mother’s name, but by acting on sitcom In the House co-starring LL Cool J and Debbie Allen. Maia is treating her bi polar/schizophrenia by self medicating reportedly with meth, crack, and prostitution.

Instead of blaming their parents for chasing a career with more vigor than they had for raising their families or hurling insults about Maia’s morphed appearance and Montana’s polka dotted body parts, few thought to look at the chaos and disorder in our own families. There are not many people left in America who do not have family members battling mental illness, drug abuse, incarceration, and defencies in judgment and self-esteem.  Montana Fishburne and Maia Campbell are simply reflections of a society that displays a “nothing to see here folks” persona while the whole shit is going up in smoke like the late Lisa Lopes ran thru with a thousand lighters and a gas can. We the public simply fan the fire or ignore the flames altogether. Nobody wants to get their hands dirty dealing with an unhinged family member so we just put up with the crazy hoping the world doesn’t notice our dirty little secret. We’d hate to be the family everyone else is laughing at. The epidemic cultural and social decline of the American family should be at the forefront of our minds because of these sacrificial lambs, but we seem to be so preoccupied getting joy out of their slaughter.

The family can only take so much blame. Young women would rather be like Kim Kardashian than Chelsea Clinton. Attention whoreism is just a part of the American fabric as apple pie. It is almost a rite of passage to grow up and become sexy and hot.  Women idolize Marilyn Monroe yet forget the tragic ending a life of excessive sex and drugs always always always causes. Our culture has glamorized and ridiculed tragedy, and desensitized us from even reaching the Montana and Maia’s that share our last names. It is up to each of us to decide the standards we choose to govern ourselves. It’s just really sad that as a collective Americans have not opted to adjust our moral compasses. Always ones for a good show, I guess we enjoy the entertainment. Being smart is boring. Thinking for yourself is so 1990’s. Women need love so bad that they’ve accepted exploitation as part of that love.  Let’s just keep our eyes closed and pretend it’s not happening.

Maia Campbell Crack Rant


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    • Its such a tragedy.. I wasn’t gonna write about them because I didn’t wanna exploit maia + I didn’t wanna give montana more attention.. But their issues aren’t just their issues, they are EVERYBODY’S issues…

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