Get Off On Your Own Joe!!! Divorce of a Dynasty


Elin Nordegren isn’t the only wife putting everything he owns in a box to the left. Joe Jackson, the profiteer patriarch of the Jackson family just got served by a weary, fed up Katherine Jackson. After years of cheating, allegations of mental and physical abuse Katherine, the guardian of the late great Michael Jackson’s children has finally had enough of her man’s indiscretions and shenanigans. The final nail in the coffin was Joe blaming Katherine for Michael’s death, as if beating Michael’s ass for years and traumatizing the family like the KKK spooking black people was just harmless hazing preparing the kids for a tough world. Sure, Joe. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Joe Jackson, a steel mill worker from Gary, Indiana always dreamed of having the good life. Back in the day believe it or not Joe was the hot ticket, a local singer that made all the girls scream. He seemed to resent the small country children he fathered with his young wife Katherine because he now had to work for a living instead of the play he had grown so accustomed to. Never one to pass up a good hustle, he became the manager of the tribe of young talented Jacksons while Katherine a known devout Jehovah’s Witness, raised her children and tried to be the best wife she could be. Katherine found out waay too late that a wild playboy like Joe has a lot of Miley in him and simply can’t be tamed. How many of Katherine’s friends begged her to walk away from this slickback trickster who only looked at her children and saw dollar signs and her as some push over that would always be there for him? After making a vow to love someone for life, when is enough enough and you have to say “my bad” to God and ask Him to take back the promise you’ve made before Him?

Women  hold out hope in their hearts that they can change their mates, as if they are God Himself. Change is something that comes from within even if it is inspired by someone else. Husbands like Joe who use others for their benefit, run the streets like single men, and totally ignore the vows of honor and respect that marriage entails don’t deserve leniency for their acts. Wives must learn to get past the pain of being in the relationship from hell and blaming themselves for the inevitable collapse of these snakebit unions. Women must arrive at these conclusions on their own usually at the expense of precious time as the days of their lives pass by. Ultimately they’ve given years to a man that treats love like Enron execs treated their employee’s 401k’s. Staying in a shitty marriage just for the kids sake although admirable is unfair to you and your children. If your kids don’t like like this guy, you might want to get Jacoby and Myers on the line pronto. The least you deserve is half!!

Kudos to Katherine for finally saying Beat It to Satan’s black brother Joe Jackson. Even if time isn’t on her side, even if she is alone, she deserves peace and serenity. Living with a domestic terrorist makes for uneasy days and nights as the unpredictable is always bound to happen with these jokers. Divorce is never happy, but somewhere in Heaven Michael Jackson is doing the moonwalk singing Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa, proud of his mother for having the strength to walk away and knowing his children won’t be raised like he was. Now let’s hope VH-1 doesn’t hire Tionna Smalls and a camera crew to find her a new man.


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