Groupie Love???


Who truly knows if pop star Nadja Benaissa was aware she was dropping off a package Fed Ex wouldn’t touch? Nadja, who sings in the girl pop band No Angels, was found guilty of spreading her pretty wings HIV to an ex boyfriend. Earlier this week, rapper Soulja Boy found himself caught up with notorious harlot Kat Stacks, known internet wide for her smashing of rappers when she videoed her visit to his hotel room and lines of the good stuff she claims he indulges in. After the image slaughter of Tiger Woods and the damage done to Jesse James’ s marriage, groupies got the fame and attention they crave, even at the highest price of their privacy and reputations. When liasons are based on celebrity status, it can truly be the end of your life as you know it.

Could You Tell This umm.. Face No??

There are nuns in monasteries that would bang David Beckham if they could, so imagine his personal assistant’s impossible task of not tootin’ it up for Becks. Rebecca Loos failed Mission Impossible admitting to an affair with Posh’s husband, taking the slut blame as David kicked around soccer balls and posed for pics with his gorgeous wife. You don’t have to eff a celeb to come to the epiphany that ain’t no future in yo’ screwin’ of a married man. Sure you can play-off yourself like Fantasia to get his attention, but very few women end up Gabby Union style with the man prize at the end of the rainbow. Accidental groupie-ism is still groupie-ism. Meeting a celeb in a place of business won’t decrease your chances of seeing the deuces once the shit hits the fan. Monica Lewinsky proudly served the President of the United States, and ended up a national punchline for years. Thank God she had her purse line instead of  Billy C’s d to fall back on. The thing that these women are most confused by is the “special” feeling they get from receiving high-profile tail attention. Just because he’s paying attention and nut busts to you doesn’t mean that you’re his only bust down option. Ask all the single ladies that were backin’ it up for Tiger. Lucky strategic smashers get money out of the deal in the end, but is money worth the pointing and stares that national sinfamy brings? Is it worth compromising what you’ve worked to become in your life?

A bad rep is small potatoes compared to AIDS and beatdowns that groupie-dom brings to life. After selling 5 million records with No Angels, Nadja Benaissa proved her band name correct. Instead of being a condom carrying friend of Trojan, she chose to ride the Bareback Mountain with at least one partner, who filed criminal charges on her ass. Maybe too starstruck, her partner did not insist on donning a condom- which almost makes him complicit if the stakes weren’t so high. Platinum tail or not, rubbers should be as mandatory as shirts and shoes entering the gas station are. Kat Stacks, who seems to be having a little fun at Soulja Boy’s expense dodges beatdowns like teenage girls dodge R Kelly.  Physically attacked on numerous occaisons, talk is the least of Kat’s worries.

Wives get all the sympathy, concern, and well wishes, leaving NONE for groupies. The Cinderella ending that all groupies wish for is a fairy tale only told by Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Living down the public private times shared with a celeb might not ever happen, and will always leave a stain insert Monica’ Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress here on your image and self-esteem. You may become the character that everyone has made you out to be instead of who you once were, just another somebody looking for love. Don’t lean on your celeb tail for support, they’ve got careers to attend to. Maybe Dr. Drew will come calling to reform you though.


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