Before All Else Fails…



Intuition is the very voice of God whispering into your ear. We often ignore that little premonition because of pressure from other people and fear of going against plans that we’ve had in the works. Intuition may come to you in the most inconvenient of moments as the force of our desire often over powers intuition’s faint call. Will and desire are the misunderstood brothers of intuition, as we experience life they conflict with one another causing us to turn our back to the little voice that says wait, don’t, leave, stay..etc.

We have been taught as children to listen to what everybody else has to say, or tells you to do. Our natural inclination to ourselves is eclipsed by what our parents think, what our teachers allow us to do, and what environments we come from. Bending to the wants of never satisfied authority figures is the very first form of peer pressure we experience, and disconnects us from the connection we have to our souls. We are all born with our intuition fully intact, but we must work at sharpening it because the world we live in inevitably aims to dull intuition because it often goes against what other people want for you. How many parents and husbands would be happy to have drone daughters and wives that do as they are told, and don’t question the world around them? The funny thing about intuition is that goes above the commitments of human connection and is God’s way of placing you on the path to your destiny.

Intuition is often called the “first mind”. It’s what we should have done, not because it was the easy thing, but because that was our natural inclination. Only when the needs of other people or the needs of our desires get in the way is when we choose not to follow our first mind. Prayer, meditation, and study can help you trust your intuition. These are like spiritual gym sessions that aid you for when you need to exercise your strength. It is very hard to be able to hear and trust these insider tidbits from God, because it is difficult to have faith in the unseen. The world we live in we are judged by tangible results, not the forces that guide us to our greater destiny. You can have a million naysayers, but intuition is stronger than all of their voices put together.

It’s bigger than a dream and greater than a mandate. This is why when we go against our intuition it is so hard to come to terms with what we have done (or didn’t do). Many people get lost in living in the past because they have flat-out rejected their intuition (Voice from God) in favor of doing the easy thing. Hind sight is always 20/20. Foresight is clouded by fear. Do not fear your own strength, connect with God, and reconnect with your destiny.


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